Upcoming Publications

Sing It Like a God: American Poems

Jabari Asim

In this collection of Asim’s poetry, the first poem petitions the reader: “Let Me Clear My Throat.” Say yes, and get ready for the journey—of lyric and meter, melody and rhythm. From the homeland, across a landscape of lives, along familiar routes to unsuspected destinations, Asim’s poetic wave flows and swells. Never stopping, not even slowing, until at last the plea, “let me hum, let me hum, let me be still.” The sacred song resounds.

The Little Mrs./Misses

Jane Ellen Ibur

In her new collection of poetry, Ibur introduces us to the silent figures who lurk in the background of familiar stories, and she reintroduces us to characters we thought we knew. With humor and pathos, she gives voice to the voiceless—mostly women, some of whom are justifiably angry. Whether expressing Mrs. Abraham’s lament (“If your husband took your son to the top of a mountain to be sacrificed, wouldn’t you be mad?”) or exploring Jack and Jill’s struggles with middle age, Ibur’s poems are imaginative and rich.

Letters, Unsent

Yara Zgheib

Have you ever had, following an encounter, an afterthought about what you might have said? In a work that is variously wistful, nostalgic, sharp, sad, and sweet, Zgheib shares those musings in a collection of letters that the imagined recipients—not only people, but also places—never got. Leaf through Letters, Unsentmaybe there’s one addressed to you!

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