PenUltimate Press does accept unsolicited manuscripts.

What We Publish

  • Penultimate Press publishes creative nonfiction, nonfiction and poetry for adult readers.
  • Works of fiction include novels, novellas, and full-length short story collections. We do not publish genre fiction, that is, romance, science fiction, mysteries, crime or westerns.
  • Works of nonfiction include books that focus on contemporary social or cultural issues; minority issues; history or biography; or women’s issues.

If you would like for us to consider a book you have written in one of the aforementioned areas, please adhere to the following submission guidelines:

Prose Submissions:

  • Format your manuscript in Word; use Times (font size 12); double-space the manuscript and number the pages.
  • Attach a cover page with the title of the manuscript, your name, credentials and affiliations (if any), and your contact information: postal address, phone number, fax (if any) and e-mail address.
  • Include a brief cover letter that introduces your manuscript and describes its marketability. Include a brief biographical paragraph in the letter
  • Manuscripts will not be returned. Query letters with sample chapters or short stories are accepted.

Poetry Submissions:

  • We accept poetry submissions twice a year, in April and October. If you would like for us to consider your work, please send a query letter and include:
    • A brief introduction of your manuscript and a description of its marketability;
    • A brief paragraph stating relevant biographical information.
    • Ten to fifteen pages of poetry as samples from your manuscript.

Mail your manuscript or query letter to:

PenUltimate Press, Inc.
6900 Delmar Blvd.
University City, MO 63130-4836


Send it as an attachment to:

Please allow two to three months for a response to sample submissions. Full-length manuscripts take longer to review; we do our best to respond to them within four to six months.

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