Please send the following information to request permission to reprint material from work by a PenUltimate Press author. Requests can be mailed, faxed or e-mailed. We do not grant permission to reprint our work in electronic format of any kind.For all requests:

Author, book title, and title of poem, story or page numbers you wish to use, and copyright year; your fax number or mailing address; we do not e-mail permission agreements.

For reprint in a book:

  • State how you’re using the requested material within your own book
  • Title of your book
  • Estimated price and page length of your book
  • Estimated print run
  • Territory of distribution for your book (U.S., North America, world)
  • Your publisher
  • Publication date

For reprint in a magazine, newspaper, newsletter or journal:

  • Title of your publication
  • Estimated circulation
  • Publisher

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