At PenUltimate Press, Inc., we publish with a purpose. Among publishers, we’re not the biggest, but we’re one of the best. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, PenUltimate Press was formed for the purpose of contributing ideas to the current of public discourse: to join the discussion of social and cultural issues, to strengthen a sense of community, and to foster multicultural exchange by publishing books of quality and high literary merit. We provide a platform for creative but underrepresented voices and, in turn, seek to attract an untapped readership. Our intent is to offer publications that will serve the ends of public education and awareness.

We are particularly interested in the works of talented, first-time authors. We read every manuscript submitted to us and provide individualized attention to every author. Our love of literature translates into enthusiasm for cooperation with authors to transform their creative expression into a finished, marketable book with a long life in print.

Member of the Saint Louis Literary Consortium

(314) 447-3888
Email us @ penultim@swbell.net

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